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Already have an idea to produce your product but don't have a machine? Or need the premise that has an accreditation certificate from JAKIM and MOH?

We provide complete service from cleaning raw materials to packaging your products.

Below are the services offered by Secret Barn;

1. Processing

You send us raw materials, and we process according to the standards set by the MOH and JAKIM.

Processing includes cleaning and cutting of raw materials into smaller portions.

2. Drying

The drying technique used by the Secret Barn is ‘oven dried’.

We provide opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to dry raw materials, especially vegetables / fruits / herbs.

3. Grinding

Secret Barn has the facilities of turning raw materials into fine powder like baby formula milk.

The powders we grind have a fineness between 80-100 wire mesh.

The activities to be performed in the grinding service are;

  • Grind
  • Humidity analyzer
  • Bulk Packaging

4. Packing

If you need a service to package your product from large packaging to retail packaging, we are here to help.

We will package your product according to the specifications you need.

5. Mixing

Secret Barn offers material mixing services to make the final product according to your own formula.

Each service offered has the best quality control system.

Create Your Quality Product With Us!

Secret Barn supplies nearly 1200 herbs and has helped over 500 companies throughout Malaysia.

Do you need high-quality raw materials and get JAKIM and MOH certified?

If Yes, contact us now to get consultation and price quotation for the service we offered.

100% Natural

No Chemical

No Food Colouring

No Additives

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